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Oxford's Men

The following is a provisional list of performances by Oxford's players on provincial tour. The list is heavily indebted to various editors in the Records of Early English Drama series (REED), both of published and of unpublished volumes. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

1580-1 (6)
Bristol (week of 17-23 September; 1 man and 9 boys)
Cambridgeshire: Cambridge (c. 21 June 1580; paid for not playing)
Kent: Dover and Hythe
Norfolk: Norwich ("the Earl of Oxenford's lads")
Warwickshire: Coventry

1581-2 (3)
Norfolk: Norwich
Suffolk: Ipswich
Warwickshire: Coventry

1582-3 (11)
Bristol (20 May)
Derbyshire: Ticknall (26 August) ["[new]"

Devonshire: Exeter
Gloucestershire: Gloucester (26 May)
Hampshire: Southampton
Lancashire: Liverpool
Oxfordshire: Abingdon ["[new]"

Somersetshire: Bath and Bristol
Suffolk: Ipswich (27 October)
Warwickshire: Coventry

1583-4 (11)
Devonshire: Exeter (13 May)
Dorset: Lyme Regis (4 May)
Gloucestershire: Gloucester
Kent: Dover (30 March) and Fordwich
Norfolk: Norwich
Shropshire: Ludlow (5 August)
Somersetshire: Bridgewater
Suffolk: Ipswich (20 January) ["[new]"

Warwickshire: Coventry and Stratford

1584-5 (13)
Devonshire: Totnes
Dorset: Lyme Regis (25 May)
Gloucestershire: Gloucester
Kent: Dover (3 April), Faversham and Maidstone
Norfolk: Norwich (paid for not playing)
Oxfordshire: Oxford ["[new]"

Somersetshire: Bath (between 16 June and August; again between May and 16 June)
Suffolk: Ipswich (4 May), Sudbury (17 April)
Warwickshire: Coventry
Yorkshire: York (June)

1585-6 (1)
Norfolk: Norwich

1586-7 (2)
Suffolk: Ipswich

1594-5 (1)
Kent: Faversham

1597 (1)
Warwickshire: Coventry (bearward)

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