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Letters and Memoranda of Edward de Vere 17th earl of Oxford (renumbered March 2001)

Notice: As of March 2001 the numbering of documents in this series has been changed to accommodate a new letter, recently discovered, dated 30 January 1604. This has received the number 44, and all subsequent reference numbers have been increased by one.

Important statement concerning PERMISSIONS.

Seventy-seven Oxford letters and memoranda are known to survive, of which all but two are entirely in his own hand, and in his own peculiar spelling. For the sake of convenience, I have organized the documents under five headings, as given above. I give full diplomatic (i.e., unmodernized) transcriptions following modified REED rules.

In the headers, William Cecil is called Burghley throughout, even though he did not achieve that title until 1572. Similarly, Robert Cecil is called Cecil througout, even though he held a complex sequence of titles.

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