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PRO SP12/29, ff. 11-12: 1563?
Arthur Golding's Petition re. Oxford's legitimacy.

PRO SP12/176, ff. 134-8: 2 February 1585
Indenture between Oxford on the one part, and Richard Samme et al. on the other.

PRO SP12/234, ff. 8-9: 6 November 1590
Letter, Henry Lok to Burghley.

PRO SP12/266, ff. 137-7v: 1590-1
Note of land assured to Oxford's daughters.

PRO SP14/2, f. 160:
Note of rights claimed by Oxford in Waltham Forest.

PRO SP14/4, ff. 27-9: 10 October 1603
Sir John Peyton's letter and report re. events of March 1603.

PRO SP14/65, ff. 76-7: 22 July 1611
Letter, Elizabeth countess of Oxford to Robert Cecil.

PRO SP15/39, f. 141: 26 November 1609
Memorandum re. London garden formerly owned by Oxford.


PRO C2/Eliz/A6/36: 6 November 1574
Edward Atslowe, D.M. vs. Thomas Grover et al.

PRO C2/Eliz/A2/56: 21 January 1599
Henry Atslowe vs. Francis Attslowe and Edward Frauncis.

PRO C2/Eliz/B22/18: 11 November 1581
Oxford, on the part of Henry Bullock, a minor, vs. Richard Wiseman.

PRO C2/Eliz/B25/34: late 1597
William Bragge vs. John Cogan.

PRO C2/Eliz/B26/1:
Thomas Bulkuley vs. Randall Harrison and Mathew Dyall.

PRO C2/Eliz/C7/30: 8 May 1591
Anthony Caldwell vs. Michael Sands esq.

PRO C2/Eliz/C13/54: 1 June 1595
Daniel Cage vs. Thomas Hamond.

PRO C2/Eliz/C17/31: 22 January 1600
Roek Churche vs. William Tweddy esq. and Margaret his wife.

PRO C2/Eliz/C19/36: 25 April 1600
William Clenche and John Wallis vs. Hugh Crabbe et al.

PRO C2/Eliz/C22/42: 1573
Robert Cole vs. William Cardynall.

PRO C2/Eliz/H22/55: 4 May 1588
Roger Harlakindon esq. vs. John Bragge and Robert Ive.

PRO C2/Eliz/H23/26: 25 November 1597
Roger Harlakindon esq. vs. Samuel Cockerell.

Anthony Golding esq. and Mary Golding widow (summary only).

PRO C2/Eliz/M5/14: 10 November 1590
Christopher Marshall esq., executor of William Marshall, vs. Thomas Skinner and Nicholas Myn.

PRO C2/Eliz/M7/54: 9 January 1589
John Mitchell et al. vs. William Cardnall senior et al.

PRO C2/Eliz/O1/29: 18 November 1581
Oxford vs. John Cockerell.

PRO C2/Eliz/O2/13: 1 July 1595
Oxford vs. Thomas Cooe, Roger Cooe, and Edward Cooe.

PRO C2/Eliz/O2/25: 15 June 1583
Oxford vs. John Hawes and John Stylleman.

PRO C2/Eliz/O3/32: 25 November 1597
Oxford vs. Roger Harlackenden and Richard Harlackenden.

PRO C2/Eliz/P14/11: 12 February 1585
John Pannell vs. Richard Tyler alias Allfounder.

PRO C2/Eliz/R6/59: undated
William Reve vs. Thomas Smith.

PRO C2/Eliz/R8/29: 1 May 1598
Judith Ruswell vs. Oxford.

PRO C2/Eliz/S11/1:
John Shuckeburgh esq. vs. George Colborne and Thomas Worcester.

PRO C2/Eliz/T6/41: 9 October 1601
Christian Turner, executrix of John Turner, vs. Edmund Turner et al.

PRO C2/Eliz/T6/48: 25 November? 1590
Sir Roger Townshend et al. vs. Sir William Waldegrave.

PRO C2/JasI/A12/52: 27 January 1620
Jane Anton, administratrix of James Anton, vs. Henry earl of Oxford.

PRO C3/251/104: 6 May 1594
Robert Vere esq. vs. Edward Hubberd esq.

PRO C3/257/6/2: 29 June 1612 ["[new]"
Barnard vs. Barnard & Siday

PRO C3/273/36/2: 22 May 1606
Richard and Thomas Harlakenden, Gents. vs. Nicholas Blackwell Gent. and Richard Wilkinson.

PRO C66/1476, m. 20: 2 September 1597
Alienation of King's Place, Hackney, to Elizabeth countess of Oxford et al.

PRO C54/1200, m. 34: 1584
Indenture between Oxford and John Lyly, Gent.

PRO C54/1275, m. __: 1584
Indenture between John Lyly, Gent. and Edward Huberd.

PRO C54/1279, m. __: 1587
Recognizance of John Lyly, Gent., to Edward Huberd.

PRO C78/116, mbs 18-21; C93/4/9, Nos. 7-8:
Chancery suit, school at Earl's Colne.

PRO C78/104, mbs 27-8:
Chancery suit, Oxford vs. Harlakenden.

PRO C142/136/12: 18 January 1563
Inquisition post mortem, John de Vere, 16th earl of Oxford.

PRO C142/286/165: 27 September 1604
Inquisition post mortem, Edward de Vere, 17th earl of Oxford.

Caution: Tudor/Stewart post mortems are not inquiries into the manner of death, but inquiries into properties owned at time of death. These two documents have been transcribed, and drafts will be posted soon.


PRO KB 9/619(part 1)/13 (Middlesex County).
Coroner's Verdict: Thomas Brincknell (1567) ["[new]"


PRO REQ2/17/8/60:
Julio Borgarucci vs. Benedetto Spinola.

PRO REQ2/388/28: 1610
Edward Johnson, joiner, vs. Countess of Oxford.


NB: Star Chamber cases are grouped here rather than listed by individual document.

Oxford and Atslowe vs. Bury, Pascall, et al. (1580) ["[new]"
PRO STAC5/O1/24; STAC5/O5/08; STAC5/O8/32

Oxford vs. Payne et al. (1587) ["[new]"
PRO STAC5/O3/35; STAC5/O8/52


WARDS 8/13
Estates (78) left by the 16th Earl in 1562

WARDS 9/118, ff. 234v-5 ["[new]"
Arthur Mylles indenture, 13 April 1590, relative to Oxford's debt to the Queen.


PRO PROB11/46, ff. 174-6: 28 July 1562
Second surviving will of John de Vere 16th earl of Oxford.

PRO C54/626: 2 June 1562 ["[new]"
16th Earl's Indenture

PRO PROB11/52, f. 105: 1570
Will of Charles Tyrrell.

PRO PROB11/121, ff. 74-5v: 25 November 1612
Will of Elizabeth Countess of Oxford.


CP, xiii, 114 (146/6):

CP, i, 415 (156/41-2): 6 August 1569

CP, ii, 58 (159/113-14): 2 September 1573

CP, xiii, 137 (146/12):

CP, xiii, 144 CHECKBL (140/15(2)):

CP, xiii, 362 (140/124):


BL MS Lansdowne 6, ff. 96-7: 11 October 1563
Letter, Margery countess of Oxford to William Cecil.

BL MS Lansdowne 20, f. 73, 29 October 1573
Memoranda and letters re. the Savoy.

BL MS Lansdowne 68, ff. 22-8: 1 July 1591.
Oxford's debts to the queen - fines for marriage and livery.

BL MS Stowe Charter 633-4: 21 December 1552
First surviving will of John de Vere 16th earl of Oxford.

BL MS Harleian Collection, No. 6252
John Norden's Description of Essex (excerpts).


Huntington Library MS EL 1170: 1603
Oxford's claims at time of James's coronation re. Fingery.

Huntington Library MS EL5870: 19-20 January 1585 ["[new]"
Depositions re. marriage of 16th earl to Margery Golding in 1548.

Huntington Library MS EL 5871: 1594
Revised depositions from Oxford vs. Richard Harlakenden.

ESSEX COUNTY RECORD OFFICES Statement of permission.

Essex Record Office (Colchester) MS D/DRg/2/24: 1574
Memoranda from notebook of George Golding.

Essex Record Office (Chelmsford) MS D/DRg/2/25: 30 January 1575 ["[new]"
Oxford's indenture prior to travel.


CUL MS Dd.3.20, ff. 98v-9: 24 January 1575
Letters of recommendation from queen re. travel.

CUL MS Ii.5.31, f. 199:
Description of Oxford being merry amongst his men.


Majendie, p. 9: 1592
Warrant re. Castle Hedingham.

Venice, Archivio di Stato: Santo Uffizio, busta 41, fasc. 'Cocco Orazio': 1577
Inquisition of Orazio Cogno.

STC 19974.6

STC 11985: 1577.
Description of murders perpetrated by George Saunders.

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