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"Shakespeare Authorship Pages"

NB: Despite a message posted on Yahoo, this website does NOT "promot[e] the Earl [of Oxford] as the true author of the works credited to Shakespeare." Rather, it recognizes William Shakespeare as the true author of the works credited to William Shakespeare. (Contemporaries of William Shakespeare may have been fantastic to our way of thinking, but they were not entirely stupid!)

John Brownswerd's Latin poems, edited by Dana Sutton ["[new]"

Monstrous Adversary ["[new]"

William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon: "our Roscius" ["[new]"

PBS and Rubbo on Marlowe as Shakespeare.

Review of Diana Price's Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography, by Tom Veal.

Review of Richard Whalen's Shakespeare: Who Was He?, by Paul Franssen.

What was the date of Oxford's birth?

Was Stratford upon Avon a town without books?

On the New York Times articles (10 February 2002).

On Diana Price's Shakespeare's Unorthodox Biography (2001).

SHAXDOX Full diplomatic transcriptions of contemporary documents concerning William Shakespeare of Stratford-upon-Avon and London. UNDER DEVELOPMENT ["[new]"

OXDOX: Full diplomatic transcriptions of contemporary documents concerning Edward de Vere 17th earl of Oxford.

Statement on Shakespeare and Oxford, with a summary conclusion, delivered as the opening position paper in a debate with Charles Vere earl of Burford, at the University of California, Berkeley, 24 April 1997.

Oxford's Men. Records of Oxford's Players on Provincial Tours (1580-1595)

Were Actors Literate? Does the fact that William Shakespeare was an actor show that he was illiterate?

Eight Witnesses to Shakespeare (seven new). The private annotations of intelligent and well-placed contemporaries testify to their belief that Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare.

Letters and memoranda of Edward de Vere 17th earl of Oxford. Seventy-six of Oxford's letters and memoranda have been identified, of which all but two are entirely in Oxford's own hand.

Oxford's habits of spelling. Oxford's spelling reveals that the English at his command was not that of the ordinary nobleman or Londoner of his day.

Oxford in Italy 1575-76. Documentary evidence reveals that Oxford dedicated his ten months in Italy primarily to sexual adventure.

Oxford and the Armada 1588. Documentary evidence reveals that Oxford abdicated responsibility at the time of the Spanish Armada.

Deadbeat Dad. A contemporary poem reveals that Oxford was considered by the wags of his time a deadbeat dad.

Sir George Buc (1560-1622): the Man who knew Shakespeare. Inscriptions and documents in the hand of Sir George Buc reveal, among other things, that Buc knew Shakespeare personally, and interviewed him concerning the authorship of a play.

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