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London Subsidy Rolls: Bibliography

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Typescript volumes in Map Room of PRO:

List of Exchequer K.R. Subsidy Rolls etc, Lay Series:

I: Bedford to Cumberland

II: Derby to Essex

III: Gloucester to Huntingdon

IV: Kent to Lincoln

V: London to Northampton

VI: Northumberland to Somerset

VII: Stafford to Sussex

VIII: Warwick to Yorkshire

IX: Wales; Cinque Ports; Household; Divers Counties; Miscellanea (including members of the nobility)

Printed in Lists and Indexes, vols 44, 54, 63, 75, 87

Typewriter transcript of Second Payment of Lay Subsidy Granted 18 Elizabeth (document in possession of Mr Granville Proby of Elton Hall ...).

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