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Lord Chamberlain's Accounts 15 March 1604: Part 4

p. 23

For the M{aste}r of the Horse

To the right Honorable the Earle of Worcester, for xv yardes di of clothe of tissue for one gowne for the M{aste}r of the horse at vjli xiijs iiijd##Ciijli vjs viijd

To him for x yardes of clothe of gold tissue, raysed[?] with gold & siluer tissue for a Caparison, saddle and harnes at vjli xiijs iiijd##lxvjli xiijs iiijd

To him for v lb vj oz of venice gold frindge for the same Caparison and harnes at iiijli xvjs the lb and viijs thounce##xxvjli viijs

To him for xxiiij tassell{es} of p{ur}ple silke & gold for the same Caparison at vjs##vijli iiijs

To him for one Raine of purple silke and gold with a riche caule##lxs

To him for a funicell[?] of p{ur}ple silke siluer & gold##xls

To him for v lb of gold & siluer frindge for the saddle at iiijli xvjs the lb##xxiiijli

To him for xij oz of white & yellowe silke frindge at ijs vjd th'ounce##xxxs

To him for one Tub saddle couered w{i}th cloth of gold tissue, & frindged w{i}th venice gold##xxxiijs iiijd

To him for a slophowse of lether lyned w{i}th cotton##xiijs iiijd

To him for cutting & making a Caparison for the same saddle, of the same tissue, frindged & lyned with satten of bridg{es} with buttons & tassell{es} of purple, silke & gold##xxs

To him for a paire of doble white girthes & a surcingle##iijs iiijd

To him for lether & making of a headstall & raynes couered w{i}th cloth of tissue & frindged w{i}th gold & siluer & for a Crupp{er} to the same##xs

p. 24

To him for viij brac{es} of Coop{er} & guilt##xs

To him for one paire of doble stirroplethers##ijs

To him for embrodering one Coate & Caparison of cloth of tissue being verye richlie wrought##xxxli

To him for iij roll{es} of buckeram for ye same at vijs##xxjs

To him for iij bytt{es} w{i}th guilt bosses & anticke work{es} at iiijli a peece##xijli

To him for one paire of stirrops guilt##liijs iiijd

S{u}m{ma} CC iiijxx iiijli viijs iiijd

For x of the King{es} footemen & vij of ye Queenes footmen

To S{i}r Baptist Hick{es} Knight for l [=50] yard{es} of clothe of gold and siluer striped for doublett{es} and hose for his Maiesties x footemen at ls the yard##Cxxvli

To him for xxx yard{es} of blacke veluet to guard the starlett Clokes at xxvjs viijd##xlli

To him for xxx yard{es} of crimsine sarcenet to lyne the sayd Clokes doblett{es} and hose at xiiijs the yard##xxjli

To him for xxxv yard{es} of cloth of gold & siluer striped for doublett{es} & hose for the Queenes seaven footemen at ls the yard##iiijxx vijli xs

To him for xxj yard{es} of blacke vel{ue}t to guard their skarlett Cloakes at xxvjs viijd##xxviijli

To him for xxj yards of crimsine sarcenett to lyne there Cloake doublett & hose at xiiijs the yard xiiijli xiiijs

To Iohn Hankinson for lj yard{es} of white Ieace[?] fustian for lyning of all the sayd xvij doublett{es} viz iij yard{es} to a doublett at xvjd the yard##lxviijs

p. 25

To Iohn Danson for xvij ell{es} of Canvas for straight lyning{es} for the said doublett{es} at xd##xiiijs ijd

To him for making the said xvij doublet{es} of clothe of gold and siluer at iiijs##lxviijs

To him for making ye sayd xvij paire of hose at iijs iiijd##lvjs viijd

To him for making ye sayd xvij Cloakes of skarlet at vs##iiijli vs

S{u}m{ma} CCCxxxli xvs xd

Reward to the Officers & Attendant{es} of ye greate warderobe

To Robert Tias Clarke of ye great warderobe for his trauell & paines in making vp of this Accompt in Reward to hym##xli

To ffraunces Goston Audito{u}r for his trauell and paines in tryinge castinge, examining & making ye declaraton of the same Accompt in Reward to him##xiijli vjs viijd

To Edward Graveley Nich{o}las Rowe Will{ia}m Tyler Thomas Graunger & Thomas Hewbie for there attendance & paines in the greate warderobe by the space of xx daies a peece against the king{es} p{ro}ceeding throughe London at xxd by the daye a peece##viijli vjs viijd

S{u}m{ma} xxxjli xiijs iiijd

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