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Lord Chamberlain's Book of Accounts for 15 March 1604

PRO LC 2/4/5

Paper for 2001 SAA Seminar, Miami

Excerpts printed in "Dramatic Records: The Lord Chamberlain's Office," Malone Society Collections, II.3, 322-3 (full article pp. 321-416); earlier printed in Transactions of The New Shakespeare Society (1877-79), App. II, 15*.

Part 1: Introductory formulas; Receipts of money.

Part 2: Expenditures on canopie, saddles, etc.

Part 3: Expenditures on coaches, etc.

Part 4: Expenditures on Master of the Horse and footmen.

Part 5: Purchases of fabrics for liveries.

Part 6: Distribution of fabrics for liveries to 1095 named servants (including 28 players in 3 companies) plus 30 unnamed Yeomen Warders of the Tower = 1125 royal servants. The lists is broken down into three households:

The 1125 royal servants include:

Part 7: Summary of payments to individual merchants.

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