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Click on letter of alphabet to enter database, which is alphabetized by last name. Examine target name, along with other names, particularly those close by.

Note reel number and STC number. Locate item on appropriate reel. Items on most UMI reels are arranged in STC order. This is not the case, however, with the earliest reels in the series. Later reels usually begin with a full listing of STC numbers on each particular reel, which can make life much easier.

When in doubt, consult the booklets which accompany the reels.

Most imprints on the UMI reels are preceded by a card which gives further information about the imprint, including STC number (often under "P&R" for "Pollard and Redgrave"), library, call number, and UMI order number. Library and call number are useful for consulting the original, particularly when the microfilm is unclear.

UMI order number is sometimes the best way for locating further item information in the accompanying booklets, and, conversely, for locating a particular item on a reel, using the appropriate booklet as a guide.

Prospective improvements to this project include provision of further information for each item, including full transcription of inscription, source library, and call number.

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