English 24/3: Freshman Seminar: Shakespeare's Sonnets

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Current Announcement(s)

The names of presenters are posted against the schedule of readings as volunteers step forward. Please contact fellow-presenters via e-mail addresses given below.


ABELES,REBECCA ANN (Becca) beccaa@berkeley.edu 
ANG,LISA ANN HERNANDEZ     lisa_ang@uclink.berkeley.edu 
GRAVES,JEREMY BRENDAN      jeremygraves@berkeley.edu 
HATTERSLEY,JOSHUA C (Josh) cybermonk@berkeley.edu 
KONG,NATALIE C             nckong@berkeley.edu 
LAU,DARRIN KAI             dbomblau2004@berkeley.edu 
LIN,SHERI                  sherilin@berkeley.edu 
LU,DI (Diana)              dilu@berkeley.edu 
MANALO,JEAN LOUISE EGUARAS jlmanalo@berkeley.edu 
MARIN,DAVID                dmarin04@berkeley.edu 
MCIVOR,PATRICIA ANN        pmcivor@berkeley.edu 
NG,SHERRY                  sherry_n@berkeley.edu 
POST,KATHERINE D (Katie)   kpost@berkeley.edu 
TIEN, IRIS                 itien08@berkeley.edu
STRAUS,LAURA DARLEEN       lstraus@berkeley.edu 
TICHENOR,MARLEE JO         marleejot@berkeley.edu 
YOUSUFZAI,SUMRINA TABBASUM sumrina@berkeley.edu 


Each student is responsible for attending class regularly and participating fully; also for checking this website at the beginning of the semester, and regularly throughout the semester, for current announcements.

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