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English 24, Section 1, Fall 2013: Freshman Seminar: Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

Second Round of Oral Seminar Reports

Wednesday, 6 November:
Play-Reading: Act 3

Wednesday, 13 November:
Act 3, Scenes 1-3
Andrew, Kratika, Vivian

Wednesday, 20 November:
Act 3, Scene 4
Allie, Lydia, Rachel, Zoe

Wednesday, 27 November:
Play-Reading: Acts 4-5

Wednesday, 4 December:
Act 4
Cassul, Jobel, Rochelle

Wednesday, 11 December:
Act 5
Joshua, Sophia, Vanessa

This class will be run as a seminar. We will begin by reading Twelfth Night straight through. Then we will analyze the play scene-by-scene. Over the course of the semester, each student will make two oral presentations. The first presentation will be "solo"; the second will be by a team of two students. At the end of the semester we will do a second, "dramatic" reading of the complete play.

We will also try to arrange a visit to the California Shakespeare Theater's presentation of A Winter's Tale.


Each student is responsible for attending class regularly and participating fully; also for checking this website at the beginning of the semester, and regularly throughout the semester, for current announcements.

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