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Play Reading

We will meet informally to read Measure for Measure from 4:10 to 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18, English Department Lounge, 330 Wheeler Hall.


The next play after Twelfth Night is now Measure for Measure rather than Merchant of Venice

Second Quiz: Monday July 16

Monday's class will begin with a short quiz, total 15 minutes. You may be asked questions about all plays read so far; the play announced for Monday (Twelfth Night); and topics covered in lecture. No need to bring a blue-book, as quiz will be written on sheets handed out by instructor.

The third and fourth quizzes will be along the same lines, so no special announcements will be made.

First Paper: due July 11

Choose a passage from MSND, Tempest, or Richard III. Compare the text of that passage as it appears in at least three different editions, including two STC editions and one modern scholarly edition. Explain how perceived problems in early editions are (or are not) resolved in the modern edition.

Attach a photocopy of each of the three editions you have selected for analysis.

Second Paper: due Wednesday, Aug 1

Choose a passage from any play on the syllabus from Twelfth Night onward. Analyze that passage as a literary form (prose or verse) in its particular dramatic context. Explain how the passage reveals or elucidates the character of the speaker. Compare the passage as it appears in your modern edition with the same passage as it appears in the First Folio (1623). Discuss whether and how the modern edition improves on F1.

Attach a photocopy the passage as it appears in F1 and in your modern edition.

Instructions for Writing Papers

Tentative Reading Schedule and Semester Announcents

English N117S                SHAKESPEARE               Summer 2012
Mr. Nelson                                             110 Barrows Hall
Class website:         MoWe 10:00-12:00

Week 1
Mo Jun 18  Introduction: History (timelines), Life, Works
We     20  A Midsummer Night's Dream

Week 2 
Mo     25  The Tempest
We     27  

Week 3
Mo Jul 02  Richard III
We     04  HOLIDAY

Week 4
Mo     09  Henry IV, Part 1   First Paper Due
We     11 

Week 5
Mo     16  Twelfth Night
We     18   

Week 6
Mo     23  Measure for Measure
We     25  Hamlet

Week 7
Mo     30                             Second Paper Due
We Aug 01  King Lear

Week 8
Mo     06  
We     08  Final Examination

Notes on class business

1) You are expected to have read each play to the end before the beginning of class on the Monday on which that play is discussed.

2) In lieu of a single mid-term examination, four mini-exams (15-20 minutes each) will be given. Each mini-exam will consist of one identification section taken from the reading for that week, plus questions on topics discussed in lecture. Each student must take three and only three mini-exams. No make-up mini-exams except on written medical excuses.

4) Filmed Shakespeare plays are available in the audio-visual facility in Moffit Library. You are urged to watch plays in cinemas or on VCR, but as a supplement and not as a substitute for reading the texts.

5) You are expected to attend class regularly: attendance will be taken most days. Unexcused absences beyond three will result in a reduction on the final grade by one grade-increment (i.e. from B- to C+) for each such absence.

6) Do not miss class on the day a paper is due: missing class is a graver sin and will incur a harsher penalty than submitting a paper a day late.

7) You are reminded of the Department of English policy regarding plagiarism.

8) Final admonition: You are required to read all plays and poems assigned over the semester. Quizzes and the final exam will be designed to test whether you have done the required reading. Failure to accomplish the required reading will be grounds for a failing final grade regardless of how well you may do in other aspects of this course.

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