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New Documents

As promised on p xix of Monstrous Adversary I am posting (or linking to) documents unknown to or unnoticed by me when I wrote the book. I would appreciate receiving information about other missed documents: [email protected]

Items contributed by Nina Green:


Indenture of 16th Earl of Oxford, 1562


Oxford's mother, Margery Golding, is mentioned in a document describing the coronation of Queen Mary on October 5, 1553:

The second chariot, covered with cloth of gold, the horses' harness trapped with the same, conveying the old countess of Oxford, the countess of [Oxford], the countesses of Shrewsbury and Derby, in crimson velvet. (Knighton, C.S., ed., Calendar of State Papers Domestic Series of the reign of Mary I 1553-1558, London: Public Record Office, 1998, p.11)
Oxford's father, the 16th Earl, is also mentioned in the document. He officiated at the coronation as Lord Great Chamberlain. The "old" countess of Oxford was the widow of the 14th earl; she died in 1559 (Monstrous, p 26).

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